Commitment for our clients



We firmly believe that a client-lawyer relationship involves an investment in time familiarizing ourselves with our client's operational needs and fostering strong professional relationships with each client's key decision makers.

We take pride in our long-standing relationships and familiarity with the operational needs of our clients both domestic and international which place us in a unique position to render dedicated legal advice and representation which complement on-the-ground corporate practice.

We strongly believe in being pro-active and we aim to advice clients on the most current developments in the law and its interpretation which stand to affect them, thus reducing clients' risk exposure arising from changes in the Indonesian legal landscape.

We believe that our core strength is the commitment of all members of the Firm which ensures the delivery of individualized value-added solutions aimed at addressing specific client needs.

We believe in the utmost quality of our people. Our team of lawyers are chosen from a rigorous selection process to ensure the high quality of work, consistency, efficiency and responsiveness to our client's needs. We nurture our legal team with constant training and exposure to ensure that we have the depth and breadth of understanding of the legal landscape to effectively and efficiently address any issues involving our clients.